Eight Days a Week Print Solutions (From hereon in referred to as EDWPS) are proud to be an independent Nottingham printer and mailing house specialising in print, postage and direct mail. EDWPS is committed to helping companies achieve their print marketing goals by providing great value, service and consistent quality.

Top management at EDWPS have established, implemented and will maintain this IS policy to demonstrate leadership and commitment with respect to the IS responsibilities within the overall IMS (Integrated Management System), by:  

a) ensuring that the IS policy and related IS objectives are established and are compatible with the strategic direction of the organisation;
b) ensuring the integration of the IS management system requirements into the organisation’s business processes;
c) ensuring that the resources needed to establish, implement, maintain and improve the IS management system are available;
d) communicating the importance of effective IS management and of conforming to the IS management system requirements;
e) ensuring that the IS management system achieves its intended outcome(s);
f) directing and supporting persons to contribute to the effectiveness of the IS management system;
g) ensuring and promoting continual improvement;
h) supporting other relevant management roles to demonstrate their leadership as it applies to their areas of responsibility;

The Managing Director ensures that this IS policy is relevant and appropriate, is available as documented information, is available to interested parties (on website or on request) and is communicated within the company.

 The Managing Director is responsible for ensuring that the responsibilities and authorities for roles relevant to IS 

are assigned for the conformance to the requirements of ISO27001 and for the reporting on its performance to top management, all of which are communicated within the company.

Scope: The management of information security for the design, production and supply of printed products, fulfilment and associated services undertaken by the business including Eight Plus, in accordance with the =latest revision of our Statement of Applicability.

In order to meet this commitment, Eight Days a Week has the following key objectives, which are to: –

  • Provide a framework for setting the IS objectives.
  • Satisfy applicable requirements and other requirements.
  • Continually improve the IS management system (IMS).

Our aim is “To have a place in tomorrow by caring for today. What we do, we do well by trying to go above and beyond to provide high quality secure work that delivers results for our valued customers and a sustainable business for us”.

Lance Hill
Managing Director
Eight Days a Week Print Solutions

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